Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fecal Transplants Come To Houston

This evening I received an e-mail from the University of Texas-Houston stating they were beginning to start fecal transplants for c difficile and for patients that failed conventional IBD therapy. The study being performed will see whether it is better to have fresh stools or frozen stools when doing the fecal transplants. Patients for c difficile have to have had 3 or more recurrent infections while IBD patients have to have had conventional therapy fail.

Dr. Herbert DuPont is heading a large fecal transplant program in Houston. He is Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. According to PubMed as I write this he has over 500 publications. He really seems to be an expert in c difficile and diarrhea.  His curriculum vitae is 71 pages long (he is a busy guy).

This is great news at now it looks like the FDA will be backing off major regulations which will allow more people to get this relatively effective and safe procedure. It will be interesting to see how many IBD patients are treated and the results. Dr. Borody in Houston has had success treating IBD patients (more on the ulcerative colitis side). However from the studies I have seen Borody did enemas multiple times instead of doing the fecal transplant via colonscopy or through the nose. At any rate this is great news if more people now can be exposed to fecal transplant and get rid of the debilitating and crippling effects of c difficile.

If you are interested in this procedure you can contact Dr. Dupont with his info here 


  1. I had a fecal transplant a week ago today, from Dr. Hochman (gastroenterologist) and Dr. Dupont and his team. I have never had such personal care as I received from these wonderful people. I had three c diff infections, the last one ended me in the hospital. I am now nine days off of vancomyocin and symptom free. Prior to the transplant, I would be off c diff antibiotic and within five days, a recurrent infection. I feel very hopeful of a healthy future and very grateful to my doctors and those doing research with them.

    Dr. Dupont is a world famous physician for his knowledge of the colon. You will be in reliable hands if you decide to work with him. If you are suffering, call or email Dr. Dupont asap to see if you qualify for the study.

  2. I'm curious. Are there studies of potential ideal donors who are constantly expose to beneficial bacteria in the natural environment e.g. farmers and biologists?