Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat Halloween Mini Flare and Fissure Return

So exactly one year ago I wrote this post about my mini Halloween flare. Even after sleeping pretty decent (thanks to day light savings time) I still have minor cramping but it seems to be better than last night. Even though last night was Halloween I didn't have any candy (I did have some vanilla ice cream with syrup on top which may have done the trick). For dinner I ate a chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and my family ordered out so we all shared some chicken quesadillas which were pretty tasty. Anyways, probably around 9:45 p.m. or so I felt to feel really bad. I was at my parents place and sometimes right before I leave I get this deep cramp and feel like I have to go the bathroom. When this happens I usually drive a little faster so I can reach the nearest toilet. So while driving home I thought "how much longer can I really hold this". There was a Chick-fil-ia near by and it was just about to close by luckily they were open. I went to the bathroom and felt much better afterword. During my bowel movement I had some blood in my rear but I cleaned up nicely and drove home to my apartment and then  had another bowel movement. After this I thought I need to sit in the tub. So I sat in warm water for a while and felt a lot better. What I think is interesting though is that I usually feel dehydrated after sitting in the tub that long and usually get some cold water which makes me feel better. After my bath I put on some cream to my rear that my GI had prescribed for my fissure. The past few days I have been lifting weights and believe that perhaps this could have made the fissure worse (just a theory though). Before bed last night I took Vitamin D which usually is a good booster for the next day. Of course I could be completely wrong about all this given that from time to time I do have a mini flare in the week prior to taking Humira. All in all I still feel pretty good and hope everyone had a nice and safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Anal Fissure Returns Fall 2015 (Almost 2 Years To the Week)

So I wrote in this previous post about an anal fissure almost exactly two years ago. In addition to this had an episode of this early this year around March which I discussed here. I have had some minor bleeding on my bottom starting on Wednesday. I had more issues on Thursday (bowel movements had a little blood in them). On Friday before I left for work I had a bowel movement and basically the whole toilet was in blood which wasn't good. Add to that the fact that my sleep the night before wasn't that great (I thought I heard something outside my apartment around 12:30 A.M.). I called the office of my GI and they gave him the message and then he called me back a little bit after lunch (my phone didn't ring and he left a voicemail to use the Hydrocorisone 2.5% /Pramoxine HCI 1%  cream that he gave me and to keep doing what I was doing in terms of taking hot baths. I apply the cream right after I take a hot bath which seems to seal everything up. It is odd because I am a little scared to have a bowel movement because worry about blood. I had a bowel movement this morning that seemed fine and no sign of blood. 

My plan is to continue to monitor how I am doing and only call my doctor if things get worse (i.e.-blood in the stool). I can't really complain as I have no cramping or really any pain. My sleep last night was pretty good and I felt refreshed today. More to come with my current pain in the butt :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cheese Enchiladas + Frozen Custard + Light Sleep = Crohn's Pain!

So last night I did somewhat of a no-no I had cheese enchiladas (love those things) with some refried beans and rice at a Mexican place I had never been to before (they were really good) followed by a frozen custard sundae right after. I actually could feel some gas passing as I was driving which wasn't good. When I returned home I had to go to the bathroom and had some partial bowel movements (which can happen every now and then anyways), The meal was quite good however I felt like I had ate too much. Oh add on top of that at work we celebrated the birthday of one of the partners and went to Olive Garden and had unlimited bread sticks and salad (I have the five cheese Ziti which was okay nothing great).

Anyways, I had some minor pain today. I also woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone (not sure why). Hopefully tonight I will get to bed early and allow my gut to heal. For some reason if I get a really good and deep sleep my stomach feels like it heals. Perhaps the gut has to rest like every other body part. I will probably take it easy this weekend. My birthday is coming up soon so I know I will get to go to my choice of eating out/desserts (have to be careful since I really enjoy chocolate).

On a follow up note from my last post. My dad is thankfully back to normal. It appears he had some minor side effects of diarrhea from his antibiotic however is back to normal now.

P.S.-The picture I have above does make me want some more-until I realize the pain :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Father Recently Took Antibiotic Having Bowel Issues

So the past few days my father has had some diarrhea after taking multiple rounds of antibiotics. The reason for giving him antibiotic was he recently had a minor procedure and he had a urinary tract infection afterword and of course antibiotics are usually taken to get rid of any type of infection. Yesterday he really didn't seem himself and said he had to go to the bathroom right after he ate. What is odd though he doesn't have any pain. He called our internist and he told him to take a bunch of Metamucil which is suppose to make things better. He took a probotic yesterday however I told him you really have to start taking that before you take the antibiotic. If that doesn't work then he will go in for some testing next week. I urged my dad to go to our GI instead of the internist (I trust our internist but it never hurts to have a specialist look it). At this point I doubt that it is c diff given he doesn't have any pain. If however things get worse I would change my mind about that. Hopefully, things get better for my dad since I really do care about him.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Feeling Pretty Good Lately

So this weekend was a little interesting. On Friday I was feeling pretty good (I actually had a date that night but had to drive over an hour an half away). I took my vitamin D on Thursday so it really gave me some energy on Friday. However, before I took the vitamin D I was having some minor cramping and blunt pains in my stomach. Anyways, Friday night I was feeling good and stayed out pretty late and had a minor amount of alcohol. I got home pretty late and was really tired. I think I went to bed around 1 A.M. and woke up 6 A.M. on Saturday morning so I was really tired. I slept a little around 8 or 9 but was still tired. I actually didn't feel too bad early in the morning but after lunch it was pretty tough.

On Saturday I went to bed around 9 P.M. and was really really tired. I woke up Sunday and probably got 9 or 10 hours of sleep (however still a sleep deficit since I only got maybe 5 the night before). Sunday I felt pretty good and felt like I had good energy. My father at dinner made the comment that I looked tired though. This evening as I write this I feel pretty good but feel a little tired around 9:30 P.M. and plan to go to bed a little earlier tonight. 

I am glad I am still in remission and every day am thankful that I am not on the toilet or throwing up. I started Humira 3 years ago this month and haven't really looked back ever since. Hopefully this will continue for years to come. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Health Update: Flare Up Friday, Sleep, Stomach Pain, and Crohn's

man-sleep-good-how-much-300x200.jpg (300×200)

Well this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday (Friday) I felt pretty tired and had stomach pain throughout the day. What was interesting however is that I really didn't have any loose bowel movements (I had maybe one or two). Add in to this the fact that the night before I woke up because I heard some popping noises in my apartment. My sleep wasn't that great which I think lead to the stomach pain. I took my Vitamin D pill on Thursday which actually I think helped out on Friday but still I felt not too great on Friday. When I came home from work I immediately sat in the tub with hot water and felt a little better. Around 5 P.M. I felt so tired I actually put on my pajamas and went to bed for about an hour. Before I fell asleep I remember a stabbing stomach pain in my stomach. After about an hour of sleep the pain went away (still some but greatly reduced). Last night I decided to eat lightly and ordered a Whataburger grilled chicken salad and had it with some dressing. What is interesting though is my weight is around 164 pounds (I was 160 a few weeks ago). I really would like to get back to 160 in order to fit into my work pants a tad easier. 

This morning (Saturday) I woke up and felt pretty good. I am scheduled to take my Humira tonight and usually I feel pretty good a couple of days after taking that. Vitamin D seems to make me feel really good. I call taking Vitamin D living life in high definition.

Feeling stomach pain made me remember to my days when I was really ill and it is somewhat burdensome to go back to that. Every day I am lucky and grateful that I have  drug that makes me feel relatively little pain. I started taking Humira almost 3  years ago and haven't looked back since. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anal Fistula Gone and Anal Fissure Appears (Not Crohn's Related)

So the past few weeks have been interesting. I have been to my GI two weeks in a row. As I mentioned in my last post I had a fistula and I finished my antibiotics and seemed fine (I took a probiotic with each antibiotic I took to reduce the risk of c diff-since I had c diff for a portion of 2013 and it isn't fun!). Anyways last Monday at work I went to the bathroom and noticed plenty of blood in my bowel movement. I was somewhat shocked and right after called my GI to schedule an appointment. My GI was able to squeeze me in the next day (which is pretty good!). My GI has told me that generally the end of the year is busy because people are trying to reduce their health insurance deductible. Well I went to my GI and he examined me (I had to roll over and assume the position so to speak so could "check things out". After he examined me he said I had a anal fissure. I asked him if he thought it was related to Crohn's and he said no because fissures end up in unusual places for patients with Crohn's and mine was more of a garden variety of anal fissures. My GI prescribed me some cream (Hydrocortisone Acetate 2.5% Pramoxine HCI 1% for my rear)  (it is somewhat hard to apply to that area of the body) and I have been using that after I take a hot bath.

Last night I had a mini flare up (only a few hours after I took my Humira which was interesting. I was watching TV with my parents and went home and on the way home I really had to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom I felt 100 times better. Today (Sunday March 1, 2015) I have felt fine and back to my normal self.