Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another Trip To Mayo Clinic For Fecal Transplant (Days 1 & 2)

Today (May 28, 2013) I traveled to Rochester (with my father of course) for my fecal transplant at the Mayo Clinic scheduled for Friday (May 31, 2013). As usual we took United Expressjet to Minneapolis and then a shuttle (about an hour and 20 minutes to Rochester). We were actually suppose to leave on Wednesday for our trip but we noticed the bad weather in the Midwest and decided to go a day early. The fight wasn’t too bad (a little bumpy) but I have had worse. This time we are staying in the Aspen Suites which seems more comfortable then the last place we stayed at.  There is a place called the Canadian Honker right next door which was pretty good. Tonight I had a roast beef sandwich and some beef vegetable stew followed my diarrhea an hour or so after.  I really didn’t anything today until dinner because I worry if I eat I usually have to go to the bathroom pretty soon after I go.  My energy level comes and goes. At times I feel really tired during the day and around midnight I start feeling great without any pain. Last night (Memorial Day) I ate a bunch of cheese cubes.  Also I had a burger which might have been too greasy for my stomach. The name of my name this week is going light and easy on the food.

I am someone anxious, nervous, and a little excited about the experience. The best way I can explain is oddly enough taking a final exam. You go through a long and grueling many months and then finally you see if what you have been doing actually works. In this case I have had c difficile since January 6, 2013 (semester start) and this is about the same time school gets out. 

I know I have some doubt as to whether or not the fecal transplant will work. I would be willing to even do a second fecal transplant if the first one doesn’t work. If two fecal transplants don’t work then perhaps another game plan will be needed. Oddly enough I am also somewhat aware I do have a very very very small chance of not being here if I still have the c difficile.  I also worry about developing serious complications between now and then like sepsis, a megatoxic colon, and perforating my bowel. Although, I guess statistically speaking my chances of all these complications decrease every day.  I hope that nothing catastrophic goes wrong. Once I start doing the colonoscopy prep on Thursday hopefully things might fall into place.

Day 2 at The Mayo Clinic

So on the second day of our trip nothing too exciting happened. Me and my father went to Wal-Mart to get some water, soap, and some other things. The bus to Wal-Mart made multiple stops and it took over 40 minutes to get back to our hotel even though it was only a 7 minute trip. For dinner we went to a place close to our hotel called Café Presto I had a burger and fries. Then for dessert I headed over to the Canadian Honker and had a very good sundae (last thing I will eat before colonscopy).

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Sahil Khanna. I am looking forward to see what he has to say about my situation and the fecal transplant.

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