Friday, March 16, 2018

Potassium Chloride, Cramping, Weight and Crohn's

Potassium Chloride, 100g
So for the past week I have some mild cramping in my stomach (no loose bowel movements). Earlier in the week the pain was pretty bad as I was taking a full pill of potassium chloride. I then backed off the full pill and cut back to half a pill (by cutting the pill into two with a pill cutter). Last Sunday night the pain was so bad I took a hot bath and put an ice pack on my stomach. This did help some but Monday morning when I woke up the pain was gone after getting a good night rest and I did have minor cramping later in the day but nothing compared to Sunday night. As I right this I have a very very minor bit of cramping but have been able to work out as usual (when I have time after work).

The whole reason I took potassium chloride was to provide more energy. When I took the first couple pills I did feel as if I had more energy but recently when I have taken them I haven't felt the same boost. My internist kept prescribing a generic even though the first time around I told him that I was getting cramping from taking it. Honestly, since recently it hasn't had much benefit and has created so much cramping I just won't take it until I can get the non generic version.

Feeling cramped I also feel bloated and although have been trying to loose a couple pounds (as I write this I am between 168 and 171 pounds-moving closer to the 168 recently). I honestly do like feeling fit and lean. Also I am a big fan of eating desserts every now and then and wouldn't mind having some spare capacity.

All and all though I really can't complain about my Crohn's. I plan to take my Humira shot this weekend and besides the cramping haven't had any real medical issues which I am always grateful for.