Tuesday, June 11, 2013

C Difficile Negative!!!, CCFA Meeting, 100th Blog Post

Well tonight I received good news. Dr. Khanna from the Mayo Clinic called me around 8 P.M. and confirmed I was c difficile negative (quick turnaround as I sent the stool sample on Monday morning FedEx overnight). The Mayo Clinic puts every other medical clinic to sham in terms of efficiency.  Of course this was of course after I had a fecal transplant which seems to have gotten rid of my c difficile however I have an underlying Crohn’s flare up. This flare up seems more mild than the last one I had around this same time last year. My GI wants to increase my Humira to every week. Tomorrow I will have to call him to confirm I that I no longer I have c difficile. However, I need to call the Mayo Clinic and see what they recommend for the Crohn’s flare up.

Tonight I also attended my first CCFA meeting. There were only around 7 men (I was the youngest person there). It was really interesting learning from different people what they use or have done. I was surprised to learn how many people went years before they were correctly diagnosed with Crohn’s or UC.  People have said Remicade has worked pretty well for them. It was interesting that a older gentleman who was around 70 years old just was diagnosed with Crohn’s after he took an antibiotic (surprised surprise). I mentioned that I don’t know of anyone who has Crohn’s or UC that has never taken an antibiotic. For me I had bronchitis right before I had Crohn’s.

Hopefully this good news will mean I can finally get on with my life in a flare up free environment.

This great news comes on my 100th published blog post. I have enjoyed blogging about my symptoms in addition to current research going on related to Crohn's/ulcerative colitis. For my own selfish reasons I have written this blog to help myself but hope it does reach others around the world and help others as well. 

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