Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat Halloween Mini Flare and Fissure Return

So exactly one year ago I wrote this post about my mini Halloween flare. Even after sleeping pretty decent (thanks to day light savings time) I still have minor cramping but it seems to be better than last night. Even though last night was Halloween I didn't have any candy (I did have some vanilla ice cream with syrup on top which may have done the trick). For dinner I ate a chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and my family ordered out so we all shared some chicken quesadillas which were pretty tasty. Anyways, probably around 9:45 p.m. or so I felt to feel really bad. I was at my parents place and sometimes right before I leave I get this deep cramp and feel like I have to go the bathroom. When this happens I usually drive a little faster so I can reach the nearest toilet. So while driving home I thought "how much longer can I really hold this". There was a Chick-fil-ia near by and it was just about to close by luckily they were open. I went to the bathroom and felt much better afterword. During my bowel movement I had some blood in my rear but I cleaned up nicely and drove home to my apartment and then  had another bowel movement. After this I thought I need to sit in the tub. So I sat in warm water for a while and felt a lot better. What I think is interesting though is that I usually feel dehydrated after sitting in the tub that long and usually get some cold water which makes me feel better. After my bath I put on some cream to my rear that my GI had prescribed for my fissure. The past few days I have been lifting weights and believe that perhaps this could have made the fissure worse (just a theory though). Before bed last night I took Vitamin D which usually is a good booster for the next day. Of course I could be completely wrong about all this given that from time to time I do have a mini flare in the week prior to taking Humira. All in all I still feel pretty good and hope everyone had a nice and safe Halloween!