Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patient Number 44 for Fecal Transplant at Mayo Clinic

So today (May 31, 2013) was my fecal transplant. It was quite a long day. My fecal transplant appointment told me to be there at noon however the procedure didn’t start until closer to 3:00 P.M. Dr. Thomas Viggiano performed the procedure. The procedure went relatively well. Other than a nurse sticking my hand twice to place in the I.V. it was fine. During the fecal transplant the it was noticed that I was still having bowel movements during the procedure (I did drink plenty of water after drinking all the bowel prep).  He also noticed that I had moderate-severe colitis in my colon. However, I had a colonoscopy earlier this month done at Mayo at those were the same findings.  One question I would have is if the inflammation got worse. Also since the c difficile is doing harm on the colon. At any rate 250 cc’s of stool was inserted into my cecum and the idea is over time the healthy bacteria will find a new home and kill off the c difficile infection. I stopped vancyomycin and Dificid and will continue to do so.

The idea now is to wait and see how I do. Even though I had the procedure a couple hours ago I feel relatively good (however some of this might be the anesthesia). Right after the procedure I was given some cookies and water to hydrate and get some food inside of me. After I was all done I had a burger and fries (having to fast I was hungry but not as hungry as last time when I had to fast for 50 hours due to multiple tests). I have had to pass a little gas but haven’t had a bowel movement 5 hours after the procedure. Tonight, tomorrow, and this weekend will be a better indication. The goal now is to make sure I am c diff negative. If I am c diff negative then perhaps my Humira will have to be increased. 

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