Friday, May 20, 2016

Minor Pains This Week and A Little Blood Too

I actually haven't blogged in a while (because I have been feeling relatively well-which is always a good thing). Yesterday, when I woke up and went to the bathroom before work I noticed some blood (and had an o'crap moment-no pun intended!). This past week I have felt a little worn down and tired. Also I noticed I made a few mistakes at work that I don't usually make (I guess from being tired/some blood in my bowels). Last night I got a decent amount of sleep but still not bad to normal. Not only have I been working a lot but I have also been studying for a board exam later in the year (so lots of stress). This past week I also drank a little bit (some wine) which can lead to flare ups as well. To help the situation I have been doing my hot baths which do add some benefit (I still remember when I had many bowel movement in one day and sat in a hot bath I felt as if I was cured-for the day of course).

I take my Humira shot tomorrow night. I can't believe June 6, 2016 will mark 4 years I have been on it! I am really surprised and lucky for how great the drug has worked. Recently I heard a GI say that the longest he has seen a patient last on Humira is about 12 years. This would mean I could have another possible 8 years. These days there are more options for treating Crohn's which is always a good thing. Hopefully the FDA will continue to approve drugs to treat Crohn's which will help so many people who are struggling often times in silence.