Saturday, May 23, 2015

Health Update: Flare Up Friday, Sleep, Stomach Pain, and Crohn's

man-sleep-good-how-much-300x200.jpg (300×200)

Well this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday (Friday) I felt pretty tired and had stomach pain throughout the day. What was interesting however is that I really didn't have any loose bowel movements (I had maybe one or two). Add in to this the fact that the night before I woke up because I heard some popping noises in my apartment. My sleep wasn't that great which I think lead to the stomach pain. I took my Vitamin D pill on Thursday which actually I think helped out on Friday but still I felt not too great on Friday. When I came home from work I immediately sat in the tub with hot water and felt a little better. Around 5 P.M. I felt so tired I actually put on my pajamas and went to bed for about an hour. Before I fell asleep I remember a stabbing stomach pain in my stomach. After about an hour of sleep the pain went away (still some but greatly reduced). Last night I decided to eat lightly and ordered a Whataburger grilled chicken salad and had it with some dressing. What is interesting though is my weight is around 164 pounds (I was 160 a few weeks ago). I really would like to get back to 160 in order to fit into my work pants a tad easier. 

This morning (Saturday) I woke up and felt pretty good. I am scheduled to take my Humira tonight and usually I feel pretty good a couple of days after taking that. Vitamin D seems to make me feel really good. I call taking Vitamin D living life in high definition.

Feeling stomach pain made me remember to my days when I was really ill and it is somewhat burdensome to go back to that. Every day I am lucky and grateful that I have  drug that makes me feel relatively little pain. I started taking Humira almost 3  years ago and haven't looked back since.