Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life After Fecal Transplant

So my symptoms I would say are a little better than before I had the fecal transplant. I have minor cramping but it is a shade below of when I had it before the fecal transplant. I feel a little tired but not nearly as bad as before I had the fecal transplant. I also don’t feel as dehydrated either.  My parents noticed that I don’t have to run to the bathroom right after I have a meal either which is nice. My bowel movements have decreased a little bit from the 5-6 times I was going before I had the fecal transplants. The Sunday after the procedure Dr. Khanna called me to see how I was doing. I told him I was still having diarrhea but felt a little bit better.

Bowel Movements Per Day
Friday (Day of Procedure)- 1 (after fecal transplant)
Saturday- 3

Dr. Khanna called me back today and we agree he would send me a c difficle test kit to make sure I was still c diff negative. However he wanted me to wait until Monday to do it (given it will have to go via FedEx back to the Mayo Clinic. The idea is that you can’t treat c difficile with Prednisone if you have an underlying infection.

My situation is a little bizarre in a way. I don’t feel I am having a Crohn’s flare up because I remember how bad I felt when I did have a flare up. I was vomiting, I felt as if someone was stabbing my stomach, and pretty miserable. Honestly, I don’t feel 100% right now but I would say I am still much better today than I was last year when I had a flare up around this time. My personal observation is that I have pain 30% of the day while pain free 70% of the day. The pain is all below my belly button. 

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  1. Hello.....I had a fecal transfer last Wednesday afternoon. I had one bowel movement about an hour and a half after the procedure. I have not had another bowel movement since then. It has been four days. Is that normal?