Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cheese Enchiladas + Frozen Custard + Light Sleep = Crohn's Pain!

So last night I did somewhat of a no-no I had cheese enchiladas (love those things) with some refried beans and rice at a Mexican place I had never been to before (they were really good) followed by a frozen custard sundae right after. I actually could feel some gas passing as I was driving which wasn't good. When I returned home I had to go to the bathroom and had some partial bowel movements (which can happen every now and then anyways), The meal was quite good however I felt like I had ate too much. Oh add on top of that at work we celebrated the birthday of one of the partners and went to Olive Garden and had unlimited bread sticks and salad (I have the five cheese Ziti which was okay nothing great).

Anyways, I had some minor pain today. I also woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone (not sure why). Hopefully tonight I will get to bed early and allow my gut to heal. For some reason if I get a really good and deep sleep my stomach feels like it heals. Perhaps the gut has to rest like every other body part. I will probably take it easy this weekend. My birthday is coming up soon so I know I will get to go to my choice of eating out/desserts (have to be careful since I really enjoy chocolate).

On a follow up note from my last post. My dad is thankfully back to normal. It appears he had some minor side effects of diarrhea from his antibiotic however is back to normal now.

P.S.-The picture I have above does make me want some more-until I realize the pain :-)

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