Saturday, October 3, 2015

Anal Fissure Returns Fall 2015 (Almost 2 Years To the Week)

So I wrote in this previous post about an anal fissure almost exactly two years ago. In addition to this had an episode of this early this year around March which I discussed here. I have had some minor bleeding on my bottom starting on Wednesday. I had more issues on Thursday (bowel movements had a little blood in them). On Friday before I left for work I had a bowel movement and basically the whole toilet was in blood which wasn't good. Add to that the fact that my sleep the night before wasn't that great (I thought I heard something outside my apartment around 12:30 A.M.). I called the office of my GI and they gave him the message and then he called me back a little bit after lunch (my phone didn't ring and he left a voicemail to use the Hydrocorisone 2.5% /Pramoxine HCI 1%  cream that he gave me and to keep doing what I was doing in terms of taking hot baths. I apply the cream right after I take a hot bath which seems to seal everything up. It is odd because I am a little scared to have a bowel movement because worry about blood. I had a bowel movement this morning that seemed fine and no sign of blood. 

My plan is to continue to monitor how I am doing and only call my doctor if things get worse (i.e.-blood in the stool). I can't really complain as I have no cramping or really any pain. My sleep last night was pretty good and I felt refreshed today. More to come with my current pain in the butt :-)