Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Questran Stops Diarrhea/Helps C Dificile?

So I haven’t been writing (due to being constantly busy for the past few weeks and months). I was able to sit for my board exam this past weekend and able to take it (10 hours for over 2 days. I only had to go to the bathroom twice the whole time which I thought was amazing for someone who had Crohn’s. So my GI put me on Questran (Cholestyramine) which at first I didn’t think would do anything but seems to have stopped my diarrhea which started January 6, 2013 (which I believe was from the antibiotic I took). It seems to have started working within a week after taking it I started the Monday before last and the past 2 days has stopped all diarrhea. Online I have read people take it and it can stop diarrhea for years. The only bad thing about the drug is that it comes in orange packets that you mix with water and don’t taste that great (although I have gotten use to it). I asked my GI if it came in pill form and he said “no but that would be very nice if it did”.  What my GI doesn't know is if this is related to the c difficile that I tested positive for or if it is a Crohn's flare up. To date I have only had one flare up and I remember what that was like (in pain all the time, not wanting to do anything, and at times throwing up). I feel nothing like this. Personally I still think the c difficile explains much of it although I am curious why Questran stopped the diarrhea.My GI called me yesterday and said to schedule an appointment within a month to see him (he believes things could still be better even though I feel fine). Having diarrhea is somewhat of a pain. I have learned to clean the toilet very well which is positive.  I thought the diarrhea would go on forever and I would need a fecal transplant however I guess that is no longer needed at this point.

I feel pretty good. Sometimes I get cramps but other than that pretty normal. I guess the other side effect is that since I no longer have diarrhea I am gaining weight which is good. The road for Crohn’s is always uncertain and I really do appreciate I am feeling great now since I know I could have a flare up any day. Although I did read somewhere if you don’t have a flare up within a year you have a pretty good chance of going a long time without one. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

C. Difficile Back, Dificid Again

I apologize for not writing in a while. It looks like my c difficile is back. For months I have been studying for a board exam (Crohn’s/c.diff/IBS has seem to get in the way). After taking Dificid which seemed to work wonders I still believe I have c difficile even though a fecal test showed it was negative (when I did the fecal test the first time I got c difficile it came out negative however when it was redone it came out positive). What makes me believe I still have c difficile is the fact that I have the same symptoms as before (no abdominal pain, diarrhea, and having to go a bunch).  In other health news I also went to the allergist because I was coughing some and my voice sounded really horse (no sore throat or other symptoms though). Actually I think I cured this by sleeping more (I have been having bowel movements in the middle of the night 4 A.M. and such).

I talked to my doctor on Friday March 03, 2013 and he recommended doing another round of Dificid (which can cost $3,000 without insurance however with my insurance it was a little over $100 for a 10 day course). If the c difficile returns I may look for a second opinion to see what is really going on. Personally I don’t believe what I have is a Crohn’s flare up.  When I thing of a Crohn’s flare up I remember the nights I felt and did actually vomit hanging over the toilet, laying in bed at night with sharp stomach pain, and really not feeling good overall. What I have right now is nothing compared to that. My parents keep asking what causes c difficle. Personally I think it was an antibiotic I took over Christmas break when I thought I was getting sick but I think I was just exhausted (I have been having diarrhea since January 6, 2013). On Sunday night (March 3, 2013) at around 10 PM I my first bowel movement was actually solid! Hopefully this continues and I can get on with my life.

As of Monday March 4, 2013 I am still having diarrhea. I don’t know if it takes the Dificid to longer to work but I will be sure to keep you informed. On the bright side I don’t have any pain in my stomach just loose stools that seem airy.