Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anal Fistula Gone and Anal Fissure Appears (Not Crohn's Related)

So the past few weeks have been interesting. I have been to my GI two weeks in a row. As I mentioned in my last post I had a fistula and I finished my antibiotics and seemed fine (I took a probiotic with each antibiotic I took to reduce the risk of c diff-since I had c diff for a portion of 2013 and it isn't fun!). Anyways last Monday at work I went to the bathroom and noticed plenty of blood in my bowel movement. I was somewhat shocked and right after called my GI to schedule an appointment. My GI was able to squeeze me in the next day (which is pretty good!). My GI has told me that generally the end of the year is busy because people are trying to reduce their health insurance deductible. Well I went to my GI and he examined me (I had to roll over and assume the position so to speak so could "check things out". After he examined me he said I had a anal fissure. I asked him if he thought it was related to Crohn's and he said no because fissures end up in unusual places for patients with Crohn's and mine was more of a garden variety of anal fissures. My GI prescribed me some cream (Hydrocortisone Acetate 2.5% Pramoxine HCI 1% for my rear)  (it is somewhat hard to apply to that area of the body) and I have been using that after I take a hot bath.

Last night I had a mini flare up (only a few hours after I took my Humira which was interesting. I was watching TV with my parents and went home and on the way home I really had to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom I felt 100 times better. Today (Sunday March 1, 2015) I have felt fine and back to my normal self.