Sunday, June 16, 2013

Humira Every Week Now

So this past Friday I started my increased dosage of Humira (from every other week to every week). It takes Humira a while to get into the bloodstream and my GI said to call him back within a few weeks to see how I was doing. Last night when I injected my shot I noticed that again nothing leaked out (just like the last time I administered the shot). I had talked to my GI to see if I was administering it properly and actually someone from a at home nursing company can come to the house to make sure you are doing it properly. I also learned that Remicade can also be administered in the home setting as well (hope I won’t need this for a couple of more years). I would think increasing the dosage of Humira and administering it properly will get more Humira into my system.

On a Humira related note a nurse had told me I should look into a program Humira has that can offer discounts on the medication if you qualify. The program is known as the patience assistance program and to my knowledge there really is no financial testing they actually do. Right now I pay $200 for a 2 month supply of Humira which is shipped through Accredo (speciality pharmacy of Medco). When I spoke with Humira they had said they could look at what I pay now and see what I would pay under this program. People can pay anywhere between $5 and $500 depending on their insurance. I will find out more about this on Monday.

My symptoms are the usual (diarrhea, some pain, and tired). On Friday night I did notice some arthritis in my hands and arms somewhat (although I was laying down for a few hours). I have had signs of this in the past little but last night it seemed to show up more. Usually it goes away pretty quickly though and I never notice it during the day.

Today (Sunday) I felt pretty well and had a little less pain than usual. I did consume a large sundae last night and had a few bowel movements after it with some pain. Perhaps me correctly injecting myself is starting to work somewhat. The true test will be once my diarrhea stops though. 

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