Saturday, September 17, 2016

More Weight Loss Continues/Mild Cramping

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In my last blog post I had discussed how I was continuing to lose weight (by working out). The highest my weight got to be was 180 pounds and I have slowly been inching that down. As of this morning I was down to 170 pounds (without clothes on) which felt nice. These days I feel pretty good and have still been eating better too. My ideal weight would be about 165 pounds. Honestly, I would like to weight a little less for two reasons 1) to fit better into my pants and 2) to be able to eat an occasional dessert. Actually, I have been very good about not eating any sugar for the past month which I think has improved my sleep and my mood. I still am downing grapes like crazy (which are pretty good and decently healthy for you). Sometimes my weight comes down and then spikes up a half of pound or so. The general direction of my weight has been down which I am happy about.

Last night I went to the movies and had some serious cramping. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and felt so much better after having a bowel movement. I felt somewhat warm during the movie and bought some bottled water (a small bottled water was $4!). During the movie I actually put it over my stomach which felt nice. When I came home I took a hot bath and put a ice wrap over my stomach which improved things. I will try to sleep well tonight so I can get oxygen to my stomach. Sleep to me seems to have a major impact on Crohn's and general health.

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