Saturday, February 6, 2016

Foltx Helping Energy Levels for Crohn's

So I went for my physical back in November and my doctor had recommended that I take more vitamin B. He prescribed Foltx which is a combination of different things (folic acid, B6, and B12). I was somewhat curious what effect it would have on me. I noticed pretty quickly it made me more alert, more energy, and I felt less tired. I already take a high dose of Vitamin D which seems to make me feel very good the day after I take it. For a while I wondered if I could take anything to boost my energy and it seems like I have found it.

My Crohn's seems still be under control. I have had a few cramps at night the past week. I took my Humira shot last week and there was some leakage. Although, I am fairly careful leakage is rare and can happen. I tend to notice that I cramp more when I have some leakage the week after. Usually the greatest chance of leakage is when I have to take the shot near my stomach (the angles can be difficult at times). Other than this I really can't complain about how I feel. Although, I do know Humira will one day not work (but there are a number of different drugs out there that I can take). I have heard some patients who took Humira for over a decade before they lost response to it. I would be very impressed and happy if this happened but like always just take it one day at a time and am grateful for a calm GI system. :-)

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