Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ken Baumann and His Secret Life With Crohn's Disease

I recently saw this interview with Ken Baumann who is an actor talking about his Crohn’s disease on Dr. Drew. Baumann is an actor who stars on the Secret Life of the American Teenager. He currently is married and is from Abliene, Texas (small Texas town). It is interesting that his birthday is one day before mine (any correlation with birthdays and Crohn’s?) and he is also like me from Texas.

Baumann had surgery in the spring of 2011 and seems to be doing a lot better since then. For Baumann he had part of his small intestine and one foot of his colon removed. It is great to see that he is doing much better after surgery since the idea of Crohn’s is to keep it in remissions as long as possible. As Dr. Drew in the interview points out we have made many advancements in the treatment for this horrible disease and if Ken Baumann and I were both living 100 years ago we might not be living.

Many famous people have Crohns disease. Such people include former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannen Doherty, NFL quarterback David Garrard, lead guitarist Mike McCready, and music star Anastacia. Plus this also doesn’t include the number of people who have the disease who have not gone public with it. It is good when stars talk about their disease because the public then becomes more aware about it. Although I never wish anyone would get Crohn’s in an odd way the more people that get it the more we can study it, research it, and possible find a cure for it. If you have Crohn’s disease be sure to inform others about it and maybe even possibly tell complete strangers to get the word out.

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