Friday, August 17, 2012

Humira and Weight Gain

Recently, I have noticed that I have gained some weight while on Humira. My usual weight is between 144-153 lbs. I peaked a week or so ago at 162 pounds when I went on the scale and just felt heavy. As of today I am 160. My father even made a comment asking if I had a potbelly so I really know I was getting heavy I wonder if the Prednisone is still in my body since I have been on it off and on since November. I can still remember wanting to eat 5 times a day on Prednisone. In an odd way it was almost magical even though I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. Most of my days were just spent resting and I still remember sleeping on the couch for a week or so because my parents were worried about whether or not I had enough strength to climb the stairs. In addition to this I also remember being in search of food and actually got tired of eating really well! Anyways, my face has blown up a little bit with pimples however I think that should go away. I thought my hair was thinning however my hair seems to be thicker than before. Most likely I might visit my doctor just to check and make sure I am not getting dangerously heavy. Although I am 5’11 and weight 160 I just feel big. I have been working out every day and have been cutting back on sweets as well. I wonder in some odd way if the extra weight is helping the Crohn’s. I remember reading about an article about people who had abdominal fat here. Although this scientific article claims that Crohn’s disease is associated with an increase in central fat accumulation although I wonder how much this is due to the medication that Crohn’s patients take. I have really never noticed a large Crohn’s patient most seem to be thin or average weight. I myself was lean before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and wonder if what I ate over the years and excessive working out had anything to do with it.

 When I first went to the hospital I was as thin as a rail weighing only 125 lbs. When I was younger I was large as a kid up until around 13 or 14 and then I began working out and in college I was somewhat of a crazy person working out every day for at least 40 minutes on the elliptical. In graduate school I continued the same pace on weekends I could go for over an hour on the elliptical and it felt really good burning over 600 calories. If I remember correctly a few times I burned over 700 calories. The calories were flying off but I wasn’t always eating the best things. After my work out I would treat myself to Fuzzy’s (Mexican food) refried beans, followed by a Whataburger with cheese and fries, and then a 7-11 brownie for dessert. I am not going to lie this was food heaven. However, I don’t think it was good for my body. As I got older and even before I got Crohn’s I started trying to eat more salads and fruits and branch out

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