Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Humira Injection and Current Update


                Tonight I did my second round of Humira injections. This time it didn’t take as long as the first injections (mostly because of the education part). I wrote out a nine step process for everything that needs to be done. Since Humira does weaken the immune system patients should wash their hands more often (the nurse said to wash double when around children because of germs). It would be interesting to do a study of the bacteria on Crohn’s patients and the outcome of Humira. The past two weeks I have been feeling amazing. Before this period I was feeling really tired and for the first time vomiting at night.  I started feeling a lot of relieve a few days after Humira (even better than when I was on 60 mg of Prednisone.  I am right now on 35 mg of Prednisone and tampering down. For the past few weeks I call my GI on a weekly basis and we discuss how I am feeling and he recommends how much Prednisone to take.  The Prednisone does make me pretty hungry and I have put on some weight (only around 154 but I am 5’11), but I am anxious to see once I go off prednisone how I feel. For the first time in a while I am able to sleep on my stomach (before I usually slept on my back because I felt my stomach was being pushed). At night I use to have pain around my belly area and sometimes on the left or right side. I was originally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome which was on my right side and I wonder what role that played in developing Crohn’s.  

                I wonder how long Humira will remain effective. I suppose the next step would be to go on Remicade. If Remicade doesn’t work then I guess immunosuppressant. If all this fails then I guess I will need surgery. However, I might recommend some of my own therapies such as naltrexone or trying the SCD diet it gets to that situation. If medical marijuana were legal in my state I would be curious to try that assuming there was more research done on it. Pig-worms have also shown at lot of promise for treating Crohn’s and I hope they are approved within the next few years. At any rate, I hope to better understand what makes my Crohn’s worse or better and use anything that is scientifically proven to help my condition. 

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