Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sleep and Crohn’s?

This recent study came out and discussed the affects of sleep on the immune system. The main point of the article is that sleep can affect the immune system like physical stress. Since Crohn’s is does deal with the immune system it would be interesting to see how sleep affects Crohn’s patients or if Crohn’s patients have a history of sleep problems. I know for myself a few months before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s I was taking sleeping pills every so often because I had trouble falling asleep. Also I was taking Nyquil when I got stuffed up. Maybe this contributed to me getting Crohn’s I am not sure. I do know that when get enough sleep I feel a lot better and my pain seems to be a little less. Although, the exact same thing could be said for people who don’t have Crohn’s. An interesting study might be to see how sleep affect TNF levels.

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