Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Health Update and C Difficle Cure

I am not sure if I am entering another flare or not. Although, I am not a GI I think eating a brownie sundae both Friday night and Saturday night did not help. I am working this week on my diet to see if I can shake it off. My stools are somewhat loose however I don’t have much pain. The pain I had in the last flare up I was staying up at night and could feel the stabbing pain in my stomach. There have been some instances where I have had a flare for one day and then the next day I am perfectly fine. Next week I see my GI and I have a bunch of questions for him so hopefully that will help.

In somewhat IBD related news there now might be a possible cure for c. difficle with “fake” stools. Researcher Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe and her research team created an artificial stool which is grown in the Robo-gut (looks like vanilla milkshake). The procedure is seen as a super probotic. Normally fecal transplants are done which can knock out the c.diff but is not pleasant for patients. Doing the fecal transplant repopulates a person’s colon.

When I was in the hospital my father was 110% sure I had c.diff. He kept asking the doctors to run stool analysis tests and he researched the way stool analysis had to be done and my GI told him that he was pretty sure it was Crohn’s before the colonoscopy and then confirmed I had Crohn’s after.

I would love to see this tried first in more people with c.diff and then people with IBD to see if there is any help it can provide. The problem is often times these things can take years to get onto the market because of approval, compliance, regulation, and other burdensome requirements.


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