Monday, January 14, 2013

Diarrhea, No Pain, No Vomiting, Gaining Weight = Anti-Crohn's

Getting Crohn’s is always an interesting journey. So the past week hasn’t been the best. I have had what I would call small diarrhea (try to go number 2 and only bits and pieces come out). This has been going on for the past week or so. I did eat a Nestle Toll House brownie sundae and all this started after this however could be a coincidence. Today at work it was really bad. I went to the bathroom between 9-12 4 times or so and felt really bad for missing work. My body was crazy. Last night I was a little blue as I sat and wondered why on earth I would be given such a dreadful disease. I however, thought of the future possibilities of drugs and treatments that might be available and that gave me hope.

What is really odd though is that I haven’t had much pain, vomiting, nausea, and have been actually gaining weight which I told my GI is anti-Crohn’s. He laughed and said it was strange. I did some blood work at the hospital he was affiliated with and was given stool samples.  My GI said not to jump to any conclusions and we had to wait until we had some data which I am all for. There could be something else going on. I know in the test work he asked for c diff to be tested.  What is interesting was when I was in the hospital (before anyone knew what I had) my dad was 110% sure it was c diff until my GI said it wasn’t.

Speaking of this afternoon on the way home from the GI I felt like I had to go every 10 minutes or so. My bum was really sore. I thought the first thing I will do when I get home is to take a warm bath. I got home and took a warm bath and felt pretty amazing after. I felt like I had cured some diseases by doing that. I noticed after the bath I didn’t have to go as much. I took the bath around 3:30 pm and didn’t feel the urgency to go until around 7 or 8. The bowel movements have been much more liquid which is an improvement. I took a bath right before bed (around midnight). It helped but wasn’t the same as the first. I probably will do at least one bath a day to relieve some of the muscles since they really have been worn on being on the toilet.  One thing that was somewhat scary was I was curious to see how inflamed my butt was and when I got out of the tub I dried off and saw a red mark on near the anus which was somewhat scary. I know it has been through a lot and hopefully soon it will stop. I had a bowel movement right before the tub (some of it looked like it had blood in it but I couldn’t really tell).

I am also going to try to watch what I eat. This afternoon I had a three egg omelet with cheddar cheese (ate the whole thing too) which was quite amazing. The meal came with fries and I had a couple. For dinner I had chicken noodle soup. My goal this week is to reduce sugars. Next week I will work on grains, bread, and starches. Although, there is no good evidence on diet I figure what the heck and should at least attempt it. I will monitor my progress and see how I do and be sure to blog about it.

These days the small things in life make me happy. Just feeling normal seems to be perfect.  I guess if I knew I would get Crohn’s at 25 on December 14, 2011 I might have lived my life differently. Never in 100,000 years would I have thought I would get a disease like this. For all my life I was perfectly healthy and never had a health issue besides asthma when I was younger. Perhaps as someone with a chronic disease I will go the rest of my life wondering what would of happen if I didn’t have Crohn’s. I have been on Humira for over 7 months and wonder if it is still working or if something else is going on. One thing is for sure though. I will keep fighting this disease until I stop breathing.  

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