Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Weight Gain and SCD-Like Diet

I have a scale in my bathroom, however I haven't used it in a while since the battery was low. I installed new batteries and was shocked at what I learned. I am normally in the 160-something range for my weight and was surprised that I had shot up to 171 pounds. However, I wrote a post here about weight gain. However, when I look at myself in the mirror I really don't see much fat (I looked more filled out. Given this I am eating less sweets and brownie sundaes and more fruits, vegetables, and other good things to not only reduce my weight but also try to have less carbohydrates. My last post was about the specific carbohydrate diet and although I think it would be very difficult to subscribe to the complete diet I think just reducing my carbohydrate intake may be beneficial. I have had chicken and cheese plates (no sandwiches) to cut down on the carbohydrates along with some grapes to get fruit. I still remember in my dark days before I was hospitalized thinking eating a banana would save me. 

I would like to lose some weight however right now I am busy working during tax season, studying for an exam at the end of the year, and working out every day is a commitment. I would like to get down to 165 by the end of the month. We shall see were this ends up. 

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