Monday, February 8, 2016

Mini Flare, Super Bowl, and Humira

So I have had a little cramping lately and it isn't too bad (more of just being annoying). This morning I woke up around 1:30 A.M. in some pain and had to use the bathroom for a bowel movement. I honestly don't remember much but remember going back to bed and feeling a little better. Anyways, I think the pain stems from the fact that the last time I took Humira it did leak somewhat (this is rare but can happen-more likely when I have to inject the stomach area). Usually it takes a few days for Humira to kick in. Since I didn't as much sleep as I want I am heading to bed early tonight and took a hot bath before to relax. Last night was the Super Bowl and I really enjoyed watching the game but probably had too much to eat. For dinner tonight I just some chicken noodle soup and a light chicken sandwich to ease my stomach. Generally, my mode for mini flares or flare is sleep, bath in hot water, and eat well. By eating well I mean not eating anything greasy. I like to think of the stomach/intestines as a brown paper bag and think about the food I consume. If the food I consume would leave a grease mark in the brown paper bag I probably should avoid it but if not then it is okay (note this is not scientific by any means). 

Hopefully lots of sleep and staying hydrated will help me out. At work today I was fairly tired and by 2 P.M. was ready to head home (but I stayed until 5 P.M.). Usually my mini-flares can be solved with a fair amount of sleep. I am looking forward to taking my next Humira shot and hopefully finding some relief. Although, I have some minor pain I am grateful for my general good health and well-being. 

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