Friday, September 5, 2014

Humira and Weight Gain

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So recently I have noticed that my weight seems to stay the same (despite the fact that I work out almost everyday). Usually I spend around 30-40 minutes on the elliptical and burn 300-400 calories. When I was in graduate school I was able to work out everyday and burn about 500-600 calories per day and worked out every single day. Also I was walking a mile or two every day to class so that was also working wonders probably. To me it feels like my metabolism is slowing down. For instance, if I work out and cut back what I eat it may take a couple of days for my body to adjust (similar to if I eat a bunch of stuff it takes a while for me to put on the weight). Right now I am about 168 pounds. I would like to get down to around 162 pounds or so. I think I was too skinny before I had Crohn's and enjoy being a little filled out but also like to be comfortable in my clothes. Also I am getting older as well. I turn 28 a couple of weeks ago and maybe getting older is your metabolism slowing down. My internist mentioned that he would prefer I have some extra weight in order to buffer against a flare up. Apparently I am not the only one who has gained weight while taking Humira (an anti-TNF drug) I found this article with others who have gained

Humira is obviously suppose to stop the inflammation due to Crohn's and make me want to eat which is good (at the same time it is nice to feel slim in my work pants). I can still remember when I initially had Crohn's I was down to 125 lbs and came out of the hospital all my pants were too big for me! Most of my adult life I have been probably around 148 pounds-158 pounds. I still remember when I was working out in graduate school up until a few weeks before I went to the hospital and remember getting on the scale and thinking "gee maybe this scale is broke!". Little did I know the scale was actually correct.

Update: So I was working on this blog post the past week and actually started losing a few pounds. As of September 6, 2014 I weigh about 164 pounds (down about 4 pounds or so). I really have been eating well (I feel a little better too). Mainly I have ate salads for lunch and apples after I get home from work.

P.S.-In the picture of have posted for this blog post I think Crohn's looks like the first guy and currently I looked like the second guy (even though mentally I feel like the third guy). 

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