Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday Night Mini Flare-Is This Happening?

So last night I had someone of a mini-flare (loose bowel movements and some cramping and pain). This has happened to me before. I actually sat in the tub and filled it with warm water since my backside was somewhat in pain. Today (Saturday it seems to be a little better with less cramping and pain). The past week I noticed some pain in my backside and tried to use a heating pad to help (it has worked in the past) however it might have made the issue worse. I got pretty good sleep last night (9 hours or so) but feel a little dehydrated and tired. I felt pretty good by mid afternoon today however was still a little tired.  My weight is down about 4 pounds-according to my scale (however this always seems to happen between Friday and Saturday morning anyways). All day I really only had one bowel movement in the morning so this may be short term. Hopefully my Humira shot tonight will help. My last Humira shot had a little leakage which I could understand might lead to some issues now.

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