Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stale Bread Crohn's Cure?

So a while ago there was this article that was posted that talked about how a 78 year old man named Roy Anderson who had Crohn's for over 40 years. over in Ireland was able to relieve his Crohn's pain by eating stale bread.

How he actually made his treatment by taking sliced bread for seven days and poured milk over the stale bread and heated it in the microwave before he ate it. It is important to point out that he didn't eat anything the day before in order for probably the treatment to be more effective. The article also mentions that 90% of severe Crohn's patients improved after going on a special liquid diet.  The liquid diet is the basic nutrients which starves bacteria in the colon. Right after he act the bread he didn't have any pain and had normal bowel movements.

The fact that Roy Anderson has gone a year without any stomach pain is quite interesting. It would be curious for other Crohn's patients to try this in order to see if it has any benefit. I don't think it will help everyone who has Crohn's but could possibly help some Crohn's patients. A doctor in one of the article I read said he didn't believe it would help anyone else. It would be interesting to have a small group of patients try this to see if it is effective and helps symptoms. What is interesting is that many Crohn's patients try to stay away from carbohydrates and this treatment would be taking an aged carbohydrate. I personally doubt stale bread will help cure Crohn's (although I would like to see what a colonoscopy of this guy looked like before and after treatment).


  1. I have only heard of this stale bread idea, today, anyone else tried it, it's worth a shot.

  2. I have only heard of this stale bread idea, today, anyone else tried it, it's worth a shot.

  3. I'm fasting today and trying it in the morning would try anything as this stage I'll post how I feel in a few days

  4. I am trying this out and have prepped for it.
    I left out naturally yeasted bread under a kitchen towel for 10 days. I've finished fasting for 24 hrs and have now finished consuming the bread with milk, cinamon and sugar. (I put it in microwave for 2 mins) will let you onow if it worked

    1. Hi Zee; How did you get on with the bread treatment. Did you notice any improvement