Thursday, February 27, 2014

Importance of Not Skipping Meds For Crohn's

So this morning I forgot to take my Asacol. Right now I take 800 mg (3 times a day along with some 3-omega fish oil since my bad cholestrol is a little high (although I have started to eat salads for lunch which so bring this down/working out more). According to this article about 50% of patients with chronic illnesses don't take their medications. Part of the reason might be cost of the medication. The other part of the puzzle might be that patients might believe that the medications they are taking my not help them.

When I didn't take my medication this morning my stomach felt a little cramped. This morning I had to wake up early for a meeting (usually my body likes extra sleep in order to heal-just a theory). I had to go almost the whole working day without taking it and when I got home took 1 pill and then took 1 in the evening and 1 before med. If I learned anything about the human body it is that it likes this in dosages that are spread out. Asacol seems to mellow out my colon and tells it to chill out. I have rarely missed taking my medications. Today serves as a reminder to make sure to take all your meds. Speaking of meds I am due for my every other week shot with Humira tomorrow night. Usually I have a loose stool on Friday or Saturday night but recently that hasn't been the case.

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