Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Solid Bowel Movement in Over 7 Months! Humira is Working!

So today something pretty wonderful happened. Not only did I get 10 hours of sleep (I felt quite amazing today as a result), but I had my first solid bowel movement around 4 P.M. (I only had to go once today as well)! I was so happy since I haven’t had one since January 6 of this year! Although, it is good, I hope this continues into the near distant future. I have notice for the past week my bowel movements looked a little more solid. I have noticed I have gained weight and now weight about 152 lbs which is pretty good (I was about 142 a few months ago).

One theory might be that the c difficile I had previously is now out of my system my colon has actually been healing for the past week months. Also my dosage of Humira has increased (it actually more than double since for a few weeks I was injecting it incorrectly as some of the liquid was leaking because I wasn’t holding the injection in long enough). Hopefully this is the start of more things to come!!

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