Friday, August 23, 2013

Diclyomine Helping Crohn's! Near 100%

So about a week or so my GI prescribed diclyomine which seems to have helped. I noticed less cramping and pain after I started taking it. The only thing I have noticed is that is my nose seems to have dried up and I have no moisture. My bowel movements have decreased as well. Part of the reason could be increasing the Humira and my colon now having some rest after my c difficle episode. Right now I am suppose to be taking 2 diclyomine pills a day but about two days ago I wanted to see if I could get by with one. When I first started taking it I noticed that I was a tad dizzy but this went away. My GI told me to immediately stop the drug if I get constipated. The only other side effect is blurred vision which I haven't notice yet

On another note I took a road trip to Dallas last weekend and felt quite amazing. I really do think stress has some impact on Crohn's health. I feel pretty good this week but when I was able to sleep for 9 to 10 hours, relax, and not have anything to worry about I felt good.

I am pretty satisfied with were I am in my condition. The Mayo Clinic called me to see how I was doing (I e-mailed them when I wasn't sure about what treatment course to take) and the doctor I saw suggested 6-MP however one draw back to this is monthly blood testing. He agreed that me taking diclyomine was a good idea. I somewhat agree with my GI's approach since it is more conservative. I would honestly say right now I am probably at 90% (10% due to diarrhea). Perhaps my colon is finally healing and my body is getting back to normal. It is quite amazing earlier this year I felt on the verge of death and had to get 3 liters of fluids pumped into me and now I am quite almost back to normal.


  1. So happy to see this is working for you...Unfortunately my issues haven't quite gone. I was just prescribed today Diclyomine 10mg which I'm instructed to take 4 times a day, even though that seems kind of a lot. I went into my dr after a terrrrrible episode of cramping & diarrhea. If I were to try and describe the pain I felt today it would be like my stomach was trying to explode. Complete misery. I've been having GI problems for almost a year now from constipation, hemmorhoids, bloating, excessive belching (100;s of times a day), cramping, abdominal pain, you name it. I mean it has seriously taken over my life .. I have had an upper GI done which came back clear, Ultrasound, and just had an xray of my stomach area taken today which is waiting results. Next would be a colonoscopy if I don't find any good results from this new medecine I am starting. I am glad to hear it has worked for you though! I am not sure if I have Crohns, IBS, diverticulitis, but I plan to get tested for to try and narrow down this terrible problem I've been living with

  2. I'm a girl btw!! Didn't realize I was on my boyfriends account, oops. lol
    Didn't want any confusion especially relating to the ultrasound comment
    -I would appreciate your feedback and update on how youve been doing since if you don't mind!

  3. I have been very well since I posted this.Dicylomine seemed to help at the time I took it however I think initially increasing my Humira dosage to every week and then scaling it back to every other week really put me back into remission. I recently just posted on my blog a 2 year anniversary after starting Humira and really no pain in 2 years.