Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dicyclomine and Crohn's: Now Taking

So my GI called me last night around 7 P.M. to tell me the results of my blood test. Primarily he was looking at my C reactive protein (CRP) which measures inflammation in the blood. My CRP was only .8 which is pretty low (which is a good thing). My GI prescribed me dicyclomine which is to actually help people with IBS (I actually had IBS right before Crohn’s). However, since my colon and stomach have been in a spasm mode it makes sense to prescribe this. I took the medicine last night and the on the bottle of the drug it says not to use heavy machinery after taking the drug. The drug was only 64 cents which is quite a deal. I was a little dizzy last night (which is a usual side effect). Today I felt a little light headed however felt virtually no pain. As I write this as of 7 P.M. I have only gone to the bathroom twice today which is better than the 4-5 times per day I have been going which is pretty good. The past few days I have had to go after lunch. Even after I ate I really didn’t feel much pain afterward. The only side effect is I did feel a little lightheaded today at work however I remember when I first took Asacol I was sweating for at least a week at night.

The plan my GI laid out was to call him in about a week to see how I was doing. I really do appreciate a doctor that calls me personally and gives me lab results instead of having a nurse do it. Hopefully this drug will do the trick. I have gradually since May (after the fecal transplant) been getting back to normal. The goal is to stop the diarrhea and feel well. 


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