Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mid-Week Links: Crohn's and Sleep, Pellino3, John Hopkins Starts Fecal Transplant Program

Crohn's and Sleep
     In a new study published from Dr. Ananthakrishnan shows that poor sleep may be linked to a flare up in Crohn's. The study was collected by CCFA Partners (which I participate in) which is a study that sends out a periodic survey to Crohn's or ulcerative colitis patients. 50% of Crohn's patients even in remission reported sleep disturbances. I have some personal experience with this as on a Friday night I slept for 10 hours and woke up on Saturday feeling pretty great and almost felt I went into mini-remission.

Pellino3 Found For Crohn's
Researchers at Maynooth (Dr. Paul Moynagh) found Pellino3 could help patients with Crohn's disease and possibly protect people from getting it. The research team found that Crohn's patients have a lower level of Pellino3. The team is now trying to develop a drug that will target this in order to help Crohn's patients.

John Hopkins Launches Fecal Transplant 
     It looks like another medical center is getting into the fecal transplant game. The more places that offer fecal transplant the less patients will have to travel, wait, and worry about whether or not they can get their c difficile cured.

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