Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling Better and Worse (1 Month After Humira Dosage Increase To Every Week)

So I have been quite busy/haven’t had internet for almost a week (via Comcast). At any rate my Crohn’s health is both good and bad at the same time. So it seems as if I still have diarrhea (about 4-5 times per day). Although, the other day I did notice that I only had about 3 bowel movements when I ate a little bit lighter. When I ate some rich chocolate cake I had some diarrhea and some pain after. My weight is pretty good and I am at 145 lbs (with hardly anything on). I had a cheese omelet and felt pretty good. It seemed as if the other day when I ate lighter I didn’t have any pain at night (which felt nice). The only other symptom I have notice is very minor joint pain in my wrists (this comes and goes though).

Next week I see my GI and plan to tell him how I feel. I really think diarrhea for nearly 7 months is a bit much. Although my Humira was changed from every other week to every week I feel a tad better but not to where I need to be. Mentally I don’t want to change to a different drug because it would mean I am losing my war with Crohn’s. However, I want to feel better. I feel bad knowing that this flare up may have been caused by just taking an antibiotic which led to c diff which lead to the flare up.

I know my options are possibly Cimzia, Remicade, or another biologic. After that maybe 6MP. After that I would be open to try low dose naltrexone (LDN) which has been very effective and I have no clue why the FDA hasn’t approved it for Crohn’s. If this doesn’t work then I might require surgery. I hope I can get back on the right track and get back into remission. It is time for me to get my life back. 

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