Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mayo Clinic Next Week/Prevail Underwear for Crohn's

I am traveling tomorrow to go to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow. I am schedule to have an appointment on Monday and leave on Friday depending how everything goes. 

My current state is better than it has been. Since I have been having involuntary diarrhea I purchased some special underwear to wear which has been working well in stopping the diarrhea. At first before I bought them I didn't think they would work but was very surprised that they seem to block everything from getting out while also keeping in the odor. I purchased Prevail underwear online. The smallest quantity you can get is 80 and it was about $70 but seems worth it if you don't have to wash sheets multiple times a week.

I seem to have a little more energy but still tried. I have about 3-4 bowel movements a day. I am still getting up in the middle of the night (2 A.M. or 5 A.M.) usually. Sometimes I do notice I have to go after I eat as well. 

Hopefully I will get more answers after my trip next week. I know I am looking forward to getting better and getting things back to normal. 

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