Wednesday, May 22, 2013

C.Difficile Continues, Taking Vancyomycin and Dificid, Fecal Transplant?

So my health has been a seesaw up and down recently. Although today (May 22) and yesterday I have felt pretty well. In terms of symptoms I have been having cramping which comes and goes and not anything close to the sharp pain I had during my flare up. Right before I went into the hospital right before Thanksgiving in 2011 I felt so tired I could barely do anything. I hardly remembering driving to the airport to fly home that day (however I remember studying for a final exam and remember not being able to concentrate). I have noticed some blood in a few stools but not much. 

On Monday morning I was unable to go to work (which takes a lot for me). Over the past weekend I felt really tired and my bowel movements increased. Right now I have been at home resting and just trying to stay hydrated and eat food. I saw my GI on Monday who prescribed another prescription for Dificid (which took about 8 different phone calls between Walgreens, my GI, and the insurance company). My GI also wanted to run a test on how much Humira was in my blood. My GI stated though that if I wasn’t feeling better by this Thursday then I might have to be hospitalized to get some fluids (however I seem to be doing better). I am trying to work setting up getting a fecal transplant with the Mayo Clinic. It looks like I am scheduled to go up there next week for a fecal transplant.
My current pill regime is quite insane. In the morning I take 2 pills for Asacol, 1 Florastore, 1 Dificid followed by 1 Vancyomycin. Then at lunch time I take 1 vancyomycin. At dinner 1 vancyomycin followed by 1 vancyomycin at night, 1 Florastore, and 1 Asacol. Add to all of this one vitamin D pill once a week and Humira every other week. After I started taking the Dificid I began to feel better. I have also been drinking electrolyte water to stay hydrated (Smart Water).
Hopefully the fecal transplants will be the miracle cure. These past few days have been a little dark. However, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Never in a million years would I have ever have guessed both Crohn’s and c difficile would have happened to me. I am 95% sure that the c diff was caused by an antibiotic I use.  In an odd way I think if the fecal transplant was performed and I continued to do them at home I might possibly be able to reverse my symptoms and get off some of my medications (of course I would have a colonscopy done to look at everything and make sure things were okay before I did so). 

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