Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amy Brenneman Ulcerative Colitis and CCFA PSA

Actress Amy Brenneman who now stars in Private Practice and Judging Amy (she isn't bad on the eyes either) is doing a PSA for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Amy had her colon removed in 2010. When her colon was taken out she had an ileostomy bag in for three months but then had it taken out in a second operation that reconnected the insides. She took about six weeks to recover. Amy was in the emergency room three times in two weeks. She admits her body fell apart. She recently talked about on October 1, 2012 on the show “The View”.  Amy suffered from ulcerative colitis and was diagnosed during her second pregnancy. She took Humira, 6-MP, Colazal, and other drugs. 

Celebrities brining light to inflammatory bowel disease is a good thing. If more stars talk about the diease the more knowledge average people will get which will be good. Raising awareness is always great. Even individuals can spread the word about it. In fact tell complete strangers.

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