Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Health Update: Less Cramping, Dry Nose (Still), and Sleep

So this week my stomach was a tad better. The beginning of the week brought some cramping but cleared out toward the end of the week. The ice pack at ice seems to help out. I tend to have cramping after I take Asacol. My nose continues to be crusty and dried out. However, I am thinking in the next few weeks we should get more humidity and help out. The thing that bothers me is sleeping. My whole life I have been a late night person and usually on weekends I fall asleep around 2 a.m. but my mind keeps going for a while. I sometimes wish I could start work at 11 a.m. (I could probably work more hours and be more productive). Today I felt like I got a pretty good rest however my body is trying to make up from the lost sleep from the beginning of the week so. I was worried I wouldn't be feeling well since some of the Humira injection came out 2 Friday nights ago when I injected it.

Next week I move into an apartment (I have been living at home a while-saving money) and working). I get a little nervous that I might get a flare up, however I am pretty sure I have a flare up it won't be as long as when I was initially diagnosed. I just saw a study that showed that about 21% of Crohn's patients missed >25% of work in the previous week.

I am just glad I am feeling good these days and a far cry from last year when I went many months with c difficile!

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