Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Going Back To Humira Every Other Week!

This year has been an interesting journey. At the very beginning of the year I caught c difficile (my internist doctor doesn't believe so since I didn't have symptoms of fever) which lead me to try Dificid many times and went up to Mayo twice (first to confirm c diff and the second for the fecal transplant). I then was still having issues and my Humira was increased on June 14, 2013 and I discussed in this blog post only to have a solid bowel movement by August 25, 2013 (I can still remember it). At any rate I am feeling pretty good these days with only very very minor pain (probably .25 on a scale of 1-10)

My GI called right before lunch today and told my blood test with great results and we were going to decrease the dosage of Humira from every week to every other week. When I met with him in person (we met for about 10 minutes) I asked him since I was use to the dosage every week would my body build up a tolerance. His response was it shouldn't and I should be okay even if we scaled back. Hopefully this turns out to be correct. The c diff could have caused a minor flare up which made things worse for a while but it honestly didn't feel like a flare up (I was going to the bathroom at night which didn't even happen when I as hospitalized in 2011). At any rate this is great news and that would be truly amazing if I could get off Humira completely (I might need some more of those cold pool swims!)

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