Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 1 of Anal Fissure with Crohns: Healing On Its Own

I mentioned in my previous post about my anal fissure. This morning I had a bowel movement that was a little painful (no blood through and still solid) however I told a hot bath after which relieved the pain (I usually can stand the hot water for about 20 minutes). It was odd because my stomach was perfectly fine however my backside was in pain. It seems that this has gradually improved. I have been taking hot baths which seem to greatly reduce the pain after I get out of the tub along with using a heating pad under my bottom. On Wednesday night I tried to roll on to my backside in bed and just felt some serious pain. My whole bottom felt in an odd way like your throat feels when you have a sore throat. However, if I laid on my stomach I was okay. I also have began to eaten more nuts (fiber) to help. 

I called my GI doctor who said to "keep doing what I am doing" and he is right. My GI also said this could be an isolated incident which it looks like it was. Sometimes patients are eager to say just fix things instead of letting nature take its course. Perhaps an idea would be to continue to hot baths for a while and I plan to see my GI doctor (I am curious for him to examine the area to see if any skin tags are there). 

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