Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stopped Questran For Crohn's: Still Having Diarrhea

So now that I have a free moment to blog I thought I would update you about my health. My health hasn’t really changed that much. I stopped Questran on April 1, 2013 (no not an April Fool’s). Questran was an interesting drug because at first it stopped the diarrhea then didn’t work then worked. The human body is utterly complex. I really haven’t noticed much change (maybe a tiny bit of more cramping/very minor pain) but I still seem to have diarrhea 3-4 times per day (some days 1-2 times others 5-6 times). I am scheduled to see my GI doctor in a couple weeks and am curious to see what he has to say. It seems odd to have diarrhea yet little to no pain with Crohn’s. I would say the worst parts of my day are early in the morning and late at night. This is when I seem to have to go most often.  I personally think I have some type of bug. Although now I am open to the possibility that it is a minor flare up. Some days I am full of energy and others just a little tired.

Right now I am considering a second opinion. Although, we would like to believe medicine is a science it really is more art than science. If I had my selection I would go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. What impressed me was that they see over 5,000 inflammatory bowel disease patients per year. I e-mailed Dr. Loftus a few days ago and asked about an appointment. He told me to call the appointment scheduler and they said they could get me in maybe in April or early May. This actually surprised me because I thought it would take several months to get one. Although Mayo is the best there are some issues. One issue is how long I would have to stay in Minnesota.  Also the coordination of care might get tricky. The trip would be to figure out why I am having these symptoms. I would still want to use my primary GI physician.
My general overall health seems fine. I think I lost a little weight (1-2 lbs) but I started working out too. Everything seems to be great other than this diarrhea. Hopefully, my upcoming visit to my GI will help answer some questions.

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