Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fourth of July, Cramping, Weight Gain, and Upcoming Colonoscopy

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So Fourth of July is tomorrow (I somewhat wish this holiday was on a Friday or Monday instead of a random Wednesday). For some reason I seem to have cramping almost every year around 4th of July and near Halloween time (not sure why this is). At any rate I have been having some cramping. Last weekend was somewhat up and down. Last Friday I felt pretty tired, Saturday I felt very good (almost no cramping) as I got plenty of sleep and took my Foltx and potassium chloride, and Sunday overall I had some minor cramping. This past week I felt a little tired and cramping.

My diet has been that great either. I probably have been eating things I shouldn't have. My weight has fluctuated a little bit. Within the past couple of weeks my range has been 165-169. Currently, I am hitting near that 169 mark. However, I plan to work out and watch what I eat (last night I had a grilled chicken sandwich with fries and a fudge pecan pie with ice cream-yes it was amazing too). Also over the weekend I had pizza, a burger, a brownie sundae and little workout. Usually I don't have any issue bringing down the weight . Honestly, if I weighed between 160-165 I would be happy (I always like to leave a little room for a dessert now and then-also I like to fit comfortably in my clothes as well).

I recently saw my GI and he said I looked like I was in great shape, however it had been a while since he had done a colonoscopy. Honestly, the last colonoscopy I had was at the end of 2011 (so a little less than 7 years ago). I am hoping the cramping will go away so I can see what my colon should look like when it is healthy and good! The bowel prep is always the worst thing but if I only have to do every 7 years that is a positive thing.

Overall, I don't really have too many complaints. Yes, I have some cramping, gained weight, and a little tired, however these issues can be resolved with hot baths/cold packs, watching what I eat, and some great sleep. Luckily due to the holiday I will sleep in tomorrow and this weekend as well. Hope everyone in the states has a good and safe 4th of July! Be kind to your bowels this holiday.

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