Friday, May 11, 2018

Vertigo and Crohn's?

Well I haven't blogged in a while (since I have been feeling good). However, this past week around  Tuesday morning I woke up at 3 A.M. went to the refrigerator and was stumbling to get back in bed since I was dizzy and could feel my head spinning. My initial impression was I had vertigo based on everything I read. I never had felt anything like this before. I called my doctor's office and let them know and was able to see my doctor the next day. I went into the office and had mentioned I felt lightheaded and just tired. My doctor looked into my ear and noticed I had a bunch of wax in there. He said I was exhibiting signs of vertigo but there are different causes of it. I had my ears flushed in December 2017 (my first ever) when I was noticing pressure difference and popping in my years). After my ears were flushed I noticed the issue went away. So my doctor called in the nurse and she flushed my ears. After my ears were flushed I noticed an improvement. The day after I didn't feel as dizzy and today I don't really feel much dizziness at all. I felt as if my right ear is better but my left ear still isn't 100%

Today I went to work but felt out of it mentally. It is one of those situations were you are there physically but not mentally. It has been also harder to concentrate as well. The past few nights I have been falling asleep pretty early too and don't have my usual normal energy. It feels as if my mind is cloudy. At times I do have moments of energy but still not what it was before. I might try to work out later as it has been a while and maybe that will help things. It really is never fun felling tired.

Hopefully this is a short term set back. I plan to relax this weekend and won't do a whole lot and just rest as I feel pretty tired. Also I feel a little down since I am not 100%. Over time I have learned though that most of these things come and go. I might call my doctor Monday if I am still feeling this way though.

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