Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dealing With A Fistula for Crohn's: Hot Baths Are The Answer

So a few weeks ago I went to my GI and was having some issues with my bottom and I thought it was a hemorrhoid.  However, after an examination it seems as if I had an anal fistula which is what I was a little worried about. I never really felt bad during the whole process however my rear did hurt some when I tried to lay down to sleep. On a Monday while I work I had to go to the bathroom and felt some type of foreign substance seems to pass in my stool which turned out to be puss from the fistula. According to my GI (puss must pass). My backside was feeling a little weird but after that I was feeling pretty good (there was some blood as well). After I saw my GI had to call him within 48 hours and let him know how I was doing. I have a follow up with him this week.

After my GI told me I had a fistula I asked what the plan was. I had been taking hot baths which probably seem to help the most out of anything. He told me to continue taking hot baths and he prescribed two antibiotics (I quickly pointed out my history of c diff and he said to take a probiotic-in order to reduce the chances of c diff).  I still remember my meeting at the Mayo Clinic on the fecal transplants where they said they really didn't have anyone catch c diff who took a probiotic before they took an antibiotic. My doctor prescribed Flagyl and Levaquin (just a note Levaquin was one of the antibiotics I took right before I was diagnosed with Crohn's) . The only side effects I have noticed was feeling somewhat dizzy and a little tired. My backside feels great and I really don't even feel anything is wrong with me. Everything I have read seems to indicate the surgery may be required (I have been looking up colon and rectal surgeons online and have a few that I will ask my doctor about).

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