Friday, December 20, 2013

Stress and Crohn's: December Update

So recently I have feeling a little odd. My schedule at work is super busy (I literally am busy from 9-5:30 with no lunch break). Not to mentioned I am a little stressed out with an upcoming exam on Saturday. I have been having solid bowel movements but some cramping at night. My bottom feels a little odd (hard to explain). At night I have been putting ice packs on my stomach. I usually feel best in the morning with no pain and seem to have it more as the day wears on. I have been stressing out over a bunch of things. A couple of things could be happening. The Humira could be losing its effect after one month or the stress could causing me to have a mini flare up.

So today (December 20, 2013) I have been feeling better than yesterday. My bowel movement was solid today. The odd pain in my rear is gone. I did feel a little light headed today today. I took off work today for much needed vacation. Maybe my gut knows I am not at work and decide to relax as well. Tonight I injected my Humira and a little leaked. I might feel more pain in a few weeks. I just remember this was happening for a while (many months) before I realized I knew I was doing it incorrectly. I have an exam tomorrow afternoon and will get a goodnight's rest for it. This evening as I get ready for bed I don't really have much pain. I look forward to next week catching up on some sleep.

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